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dare to dream
Do you remember when you used to dream... I mean dream BIG? All great ideas start with a dream, a vision driven by passion, but many never get anywhere... do you have a dream? If you do, then turn those dreams into reality by building a TEAM capable of achieving your vision with the same passion you have for the idea... dare to dream... we do everyday!
set targets
Start by setting targets... seriously... this is very over looked in the planning stages. It is well documented that most dreams are achieved by activists who tend to be... ahem... light on the details. It takes a combination of people to pull off this big dream of yours... so start by understanding how a 'top team' operates and build yours today.
empower your team
Dreamers tend to have trust issues! Some call it 'control' issues, we prefer to call it passion! We have noticed a pattern with the many teams we work with that often shows a leader reluctant to 'trust' their team to 'just get on with it'. We can show you how micro managing can be harmful and run exercises that help build trust so you can empower your TEAM to realise your dream.
support growth
Good managers PROMOTE growth... great managers SUPPORT growth... there is a big difference. Anyone can pay lip service and tell their team they believe in personal growth and development (while keeping one eye on making sure the student does not get better than the master). The sooner organisations, managers and teams can shake off the shackles of 'restrictive' management which stifles organisational growth, and learn to create supportive, open learning environments... the better!
achieve success
Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling when your team achieves its task, meets that deadline or creates the best presentation ever? Do you want to feel like that every day? Start by creating a team that understands the how and why of great team work.
reflect & learn
When it is all done and dusted, its time for reflection... this is when we are likely to do the most learning. Bottle all those good things you did and learn how to use them again while discarding those that did not work so well.. that's development learning.
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